Early Testing and Detection

Some people develop very mild symptoms, if suspected, please seek medical advice immediately and get testing done.

Early testing and detection is very important

As some people infected with COVID-19 only have mild symptoms, members of the public are advised to seek medical advice promptly when feeling unwell (even if having very mild symptoms only), so that appropriate diagnosis and management can be given at the earliest possible time.

Apart from the accident and emergency departments of public hospitals and general out-patient clinics (GOPCs), you may also visit private clinics and hospitals. You can proactively make a request to your doctor for testing when there is any suspicion. The Department of Health (DH) provides free testing of COVID-19 for private doctors.

What You Must Know for COVID-19: Early Testing and Detection

How to return the specimen

You may return the specimen by yourself or family members/relatives/friends to one of the designated collection clinics of the DH or the Hospital Authority on the same day of specimen collection. Please do not send specimens by postal mail. Please refer to the following webpage for the list of collection clinics:
Centre for Health Protection Website

You may also choose to use door-to-door specimen collection service at a charge:
(enquiry phone number: 5681 4989)

(enquiry email: [email protected])

(enquiry phone number: 3703 3250)

If the test result is positive

If a sample tests positive, the DH will arrange for admission to a public hospital for treatment. Quarantine will be arranged for close contacts while medical surveillance will be arranged for other contacts. In general, household members will stay in the same unit in a quarantine centre, depending on availability of units and size and composition of the family. Quarantine centres will provide the confinees with meals and basic daily personal necessities. You can bring own personal necessities, such as clothes and daily medications.

Management of COVID-19

Many of the symptoms can be treated and supportive care for infected persons can be highly effective.

The most important thing is to seek medical advice immediately and get testing done whenever symptomatic (even if having very mild symptoms).

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