Arrangements for inbound Persons- Frequently Asked Questions

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Testing requirements for inbound persons coming to Hong Kong from places around world upon full resumption of normal travel with Mainland

Government lifts vaccination requirement for non-Hong Kong residents arriving from overseas places

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Arrangement for COVID-19 viral test

  1. What will happen to symptomatic inbound persons?

General Questions

  1. What are the current arrival and inbound control arrangements for inbound persons?
    Please refer to this webpage.

  2. If I transit via Hong Kong without entering Hong Kong, would the inbound control measures be applicable to me?
    Relevant inbound control measures are only applicable to persons who enter Hong Kong. The relevant inbound control requirement does not apply to transit passenger who arrives at the Hong Kong International Airport or enters the waters of Hong Kong solely for the purpose of leaving Hong Kong and, while in Hong Kong, does not pass through immigration control.

  3. Do I need to comply with the respective pre-departure requirements applicable to Taiwan/overseas places if I just transit at Taiwan/overseas places with layover inside the airport terminal without passing through the immigration control point (i.e. have not entered the specified place)?
    Only inbound persons satisfying all the following conditions during transit, will be regarded as NOT having stayed in Taiwan/overseas places:

    • a person boarded, in a place, a conveyance that, after the person had boarded it, stopped at Taiwan/overseas places; and
    • the person did not leave the conveyance in Taiwan/overseas places; and
    • the person’s journey on that conveyance ended subsequently outside Taiwan/overseas places.

    Therefore, once the inbound person leaves the aircraft during stopover at Taiwan/overseas places, the inbound person will be regarded as having stayed in Taiwan/overseas places, thus the inbound person has to comply with the requirements specified.

Pre-departure requirements

    Pre-departure test

  1. Inbound persons from overseas places and Taiwan are required to conduct a rapid antigen test (RAT) or a polymerase chain reaction-based nucleic acid test (PCR) within 24 hours or 48 hours respectively before going to Hong Kong. How the 24- or 48-hour period is defined?
    Inbound persons from overseas places or Taiwan (applicable to those aged 4 or above on the day of arrival at Hong Kong) are required to have a negative RAT or PCR test result for COVID-19 (can be self-administered or by professional swab sampling) before going to Hong Kong.

    The 24- or 48-hour period is defined as follows:

    Arrive at Hong Kong via Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) Arrive at Hong Kong via boundary control points other than HKIA
    RAT The sample of RAT is taken from the person within 24 hours of the scheduled time of departure of the specified aircraft The sample of RAT is taken from the person within 24 hours before arrival at Hong Kong
    PCR The sample of PCR is taken from the person within 48 hours of the scheduled time of departure of the specified aircraft The sample of PCR is taken from the person within 48 hours before arrival at Hong Kong
    The person should keep the photo showing the test result or test report for 90 days, and provide the photo or the report for checking by an authorized officer when required to provide information about his or her undergoing the test.

    Scheduled time of departure makes reference to the flight that arrives at, or is about to arrive at Hong Kong (i.e. the aircraft which is directly landing Hong Kong). If an inbound person transits somewhere and then fly to Hong Kong, the 24 or 48 hours will be counted from the scheduled time of the departure flight flying to Hong Kong. The requirements are not affected if the flight is delayed or advanced.

    All inbound persons from the Mainland or Macao are not required to conduct any pre-departure PCR tests or RATs. However, for persons travelling from Hong Kong to the Mainland (except those aged 3 and below), if they have stayed in overseas places or Taiwan on the day of departing Hong Kong for the Mainland or during the seven days before that day, they are required to conduct a PCR test within 48 hours prior to departure and obtain a negative results as per the Mainland’s requirements.

    The self-paid nucleic acid test conducted in Hong Kong should meet the following criteria:
    • The test must be conducted within 48 hours before the scheduled flight departure time (for those entering the Mainland via airport) or arrival time (for those entering the Mainland via other boundary control points);
    • The test specimen must be a throat swab, nasopharyngeal swab or combined nasal and throat swab collected by dedicated staff; and
    • The test result must be negative, and the test report must be issued by local COVID-19 testing institutions recognised by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government (including community testing centres/community testing stations in various districts) for conducting reverse transcription polymerase chain reaction testing.
  2. Vaccination requirement

  3. I am not vaccinated. Can I come to Hong Kong?
    Starting from 6 February 2023, the Government has lifted the vaccination requirement for all inbound travellers coming to Hong Kong.
  4. Miscellaneous

  5. Is a Hong Kong local phone number mandatory for the voluntary health declaration submission?
    Providing a Hong Kong local phone number can ensure that relevant government staff can contact you when necessary. However, if you are not able to provide a Hong Kong local phone number, so long you can be reached by the phone number (be it an overseas number), it will be acceptable.

Arrangement for COVID-19 viral test

  1. What will happen to symptomatic inbound persons?
    All inbound persons must pass temperature checks upon arrival. Those found with symptoms will be referred to the Department of Health for further handling (such as transferring to public hospital for further management).

Other Questions

  1. What is the health advice for travellers?
    Maintain strict personal and environmental hygiene at all times for personal protection against infection and prevention of the spread of the disease in the community.

    Travellers should take heed of the health advice below:

    Complete COVID-19 vaccination before travel according to the latest recommendations to effectively protect against COVID-19 disease (For details on COVID-19 vaccination, please refer to thematic website for COVID-19 Vaccination Programme:;

    Wear a well-fitted surgical mask when taking public transport or staying in crowded places, and maintain at all times strict personal and hand hygiene at all times; and

    If feeling unwell when outside Hong Kong, especially if experiencing respiratory symptoms, wear a well-fitted surgical mask and seek medical advice at once.

  2. Where can I obtain more information?
    Please visit the COVID-19 thematic website, designated page on inbound travel, the Centre for Health Protection webpage and the Facebook fan page of the Centre for Health Protection regularly for further information and updates.