Anti-epidemic Fund

The novel coronavirus epidemic has brought exceptional challenges to Hong Kong. The Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has responded to the needs of the public and the society in an unprecedented manner. Our objectives are: first, to help businesses stay afloat; second, to keep workers in employment; third, to relieve financial burdens of individuals and businesses; and fourth, to assist the economy to recover once the epidemic is contained.

Since the beginning of this year, the Government has launched three rounds of measures totalling $287.5 billion to assist the affected industries and the public, including:
  1. The first round of the $30 billion Anti-epidemic Fund approved by the Legislative Council on 21 February 2020
  2. The $120 billion relief package in the 2020-21 Budget announced by the Financial Secretary on 26 February 2020
  3. The second round of the $137.5 billion Anti-epidemic Fund measures approved by the Legislative Council on 18 April 2020
The Government announced on 15 September 2020 the introduction of the third round of Anti-epidemic Fund. The $24 billion package will assist industries and people affected by the epidemic and help enhance Hong Kong's anti-epidemic capabilities.
“Series of measures to support individuals and businesses affected by the novel coronavirus epidemic” Booklet (Chinese only)