Anti-epidemic Fund

To enhance Hong Kong’s ongoing work in the fight against the novel coronavirus infection and to provide support and assistance to industries and members of the public affected by the epidemic, the Government will set up a $30 billion Anti-epidemic Fund. The Fund will provide additional resources to strengthen the territorial-wide anti-epidemic work and will render support to the affected industries and employees. Funding approval was given by the Finance Committee of the Legislative Council on February 21. (Finance Committee paper:

Item Application details for the 24 measures Funding Commitments ($million)
1 Enhancing support to the Hospital Authority in combatting the epidemic 4,700
2 Support local mask production 1,500
3 Global procurement of personal protective equipment 1,000
4 Support property management sector in anti-epidemic efforts 1,000
5 Technology applications to enable reusability of masks 800
6 Support construction sector in anti-epidemic efforts 710
7 Support cleansing and security staff engaged by Government and Hong Kong Housing Authority service contractors in anti-epidemic efforts 250
8 Installation of emergency alert system 150
9 Home Quarantine Support 50
10 Ex-gratia payment to households of the two public housing estates designated as quarantine centres 30
11 Retail Sector Subsidy Scheme 5,600
12 Food Licence Holders Subsidy Scheme 3,730
13 Subsidy for the Transport Sector 3,230
14 Convention and Exhibition Industry Subsidy Scheme 1,020
15 Special Allowance for Eligible Working Family Allowance and Student Financial Assistance Households 990
16 Additional student study grant for 2019-20 school year 900
17 Rental waivers for tenants at the Science Park, industrial estates and Cyberport 380
18 Subsidies for live marine fish wholesale traders and fishing vessels with Mainland deckhands 270
19 Support to child care centres 220
20 Arts and Culture Sector Subsidy Scheme 150
21 Licensed Guesthouses Subsidy Scheme 150
22 Travel Agents Subsidy Scheme 140
23 Support to training bodies 90
24 Licensed Hawkers Subsidy Scheme 30