Social Distancing

To minimise the risk of COVID-19 spreading in the community, we all need to work together to intensify measures on social distancing. The measures taken by the Government to achieve this include: suspension of classes; work-from-home arrangement for some civil servants; suspension of some public services; and cancellation of Government events.

Members of the public are advised strongly to reduce social contact to protect themselves and others: stay at home as far as possible; stay away from crowded places; work from home if feasible; avoid social gatherings; do not shake hands when meeting other people; and avoid meal gatherings. Enterprises are also appealed to make flexible work arrangement for employees to tie in with the Government strategies to fight the disease.

The Government has been reviewing the feasibility of relevant measures and will make adjustments on a timely basis in view of the latest development of the disease. Putting in place the Prevention and Control of Disease (Requirement and Directions) (Business and Premises) Regulation and Prevention and Control of Disease (Prohibition on Group Gathering) Regulation could help further enhance social distancing. When making the Regulation, the Government has taken into account the activities and premises / places with higher infection risks of COVID-19, as well as overseas practices.

Together, We Fight the Virus!