Expert Opinion

The Government announced on 13 July 2022 that the Chief Executive, Mr John Lee, has expanded the composition of the COVID-19 Expert Advisory Panel by appointing six experts to advise the Government on areas such as public health, epidemiology and clinical experience, with a view to enhancing more targeted anti-epidemic efforts on a scientific basis that can yield the greatest effects with the lowest social costs. The six experts are:

  • Professor David Hui Shu-cheong;

  • Professor Ivan Hung Fan-ngai;

  • Professor Lau Chak-sing;

  • Professor Lau Yu-lung;

  • Professor Gabriel Matthew Leung; and

  • Professor Yuen Kwok-yung.

The Chief Executive, together with government officials and representatives from the Hospital Authority, will convene Expert Advisory Panel meetings from time to time to canvass professional opinion from the experts and gauge the epidemic situation in a more holistic manner.

In view of the epidemic developments, the Government will take into account the recommendations from the Expert Advisory Panel to formulate targeted strategies and measures that may achieve the greatest effects with the lowest costs, thereby protecting the safety and health of citizens while minimising the impact to normal social activities.