The Government announced that the demand for nucleic acid testing service has significantly decreased recently following the gradual lifting of pre-departure COVID-19 nucleic acid testing requirements around the world. Therefore, the Government will retain the operation of five community testing centres and community testing stations (CTC/CTSs) only to continue the provision of self-paid nucleic acid testing service starting from March 22, whereas the remaining 16 existing CTC/CTSs will cease operation from the same day.

Virus testing

Members of the public are advised to seek medical advice promptly when feeling unwell, so that appropriate diagnosis and management can be given at the earliest possible time.

Virus testing routes

1. Individuals who experiences symptoms

  • They should seek medical advice promptly when feeling unwell. Apart from the accident and emergency departments of public hospitals and GOPCs, they may also visit private clinics and hospitals.
  • They should not attend the Community Testing Centres/Stations. (CTCs/CTSs)

2. Other individuals

Additional notes

For enquiries, please call the hotline 1830 111.

If the test result is negative

For individuals undergoing self-paid testing service in CTCs/CTSs, if the test result is negative, they will generally receive a test result notification from the institution within 24 hours (standard self-paid service) or 12 hours (express self-paid service).

If the test result is positive

Please refer to Points to Note for Persons who Tested Positive.

About rapid antigen test

Please refer to the press release on "Selecting and using rapid antigen tests" and concise guide on "Do the Rapid Antigen Test Properly". For more information on rapid antigen tests, please refer to the FAQs and relevant infographics.

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