The Government announced on 23 September 2022 the lifting of compulsory quarantine requirement on arrival at Hong Kong, and also rationalised the requirements for inbound persons from the Mainland or Macao.

From 26 September 2022 at 6 am (Hong Kong Time) onwards, all inbound persons from the Mainland or Macao who have no travel history of overseas places or Taiwan in the seven days prior to arrival at Hong Kong, whether they are entering Hong Kong via a land boundary control point or the Hong Kong International Airport, should pay attention to the latest requirements for inbound persons as follows:

Arrangements for persons entering Hong Kong from the Mainland and Macao

Pre-arrival requirements Before arriving boundary control points, please complete Department of Health’s electronic health declaration and obtain a Green health declaration QR code. For details, please visit:

(The Government recommends persons who have fulfilled vaccination requirement to declare their vaccination records in order to comply with the requirement for issuance of the Provisional Vaccine Pass)
Post-arrival self-monitoring and testing requirements
  • Self-monitoring for 3 days; and
  • On Day 2 of arrival at Hong Kong, undergo nucleic acid test

  • Note: For persons who have stayed in any place on the list of at-risk places on the day of arrival at Hong Kong or the 7 days before that day, they are required to undergo an extra nucleic acid test on Day 1. The day of a person's arrival at Hong Kong will be regarded as Day 0 for counting purpose. For example, for a person who arrives at Hong Kong on 26 September 2022, the “2nd day/Day 2” would be 28 September 2022.
    Boundary control points Shenzhen Bay Control Point: From 9am to 8pm daily

    Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge Hong Kong Port:
    - Passenger immigration clearance service at the Passenger
    Clearance Building: From 10am to 8pm daily
    - Clearance service for private cars: From 6am to 10pm daily

    Hong Kong International Airport: 24-hour
    Public transport services For enquiries about public transport services for travelling to and from the boundary control points mentioned above, please contact the relevant operators:

  • HZMB Shuttle Bus (Gold Bus) ticket purchasing webpage
  • Citybus
  • New Lantao Bus
  • Long Win
  • Public transport services operating to and from Hong Kong International Airport
  • Re-entry into the Mainland or Macao

    Please note: inbound persons from the Mainland or Macao will still be subject to the prevailing quarantine arrangements of the Mainland or Macao when they subsequently leave Hong Kong for the two places, unless exemption has been granted to them separately. If they intend to return to the Mainland or Macao subsequently, they should take note of the latest quarantine arrangements of the Mainland and Macao, and make necessary preparations.

    Besides, persons travelling from Hong Kong to the Mainland or Macao are subject to the special testing arrangement to undergo an additional free rapid nucleic acid test prior to their departure at the boundary control points. Please visit the webpage on Special Testing Arrangement for outbound travellers to Mainland or Macao for information.

    For enquiry about general entry and quarantine requirements of Hong Kong, please call +852 3142 2330.